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CANNATIQUE is an innovative blend of the words “cannabis” and “antique,” signifying a unique fusion of contemporary cannabis culture with a vintage aesthetic. This term encapsulates a growing trend in which cannabis enthusiasts appreciate and incorporate antique items, decor, Backpack boyz and lifestyle elements into their cannabis consumption practices.

From retro smoking paraphernalia to vintage-inspired cannabis-themed art, CANNATIQUE embodies a nostalgic appreciation for cannabis’s history alongside its modern-day resurgence. It celebrates the intersection of old-world charm and contemporary cannabis culture, offering enthusiasts a distinctive way to engage with and enjoy their cannabis experience.

What is Cannatique?

07% CBD >> Cannatique Farm is an interior cultivator focused on exotic headquarters in Oakland that produces a flower of ultra-premium quality for the market for use by California adults.



Blackberry Gelato



Blue Zlurpee



Blueberry Cruffin



Cherry Milkshake



Pink Cup



Sweet Tartz



The One